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The Butcher & The Baker

August 21, 2012

Q: You say you're happy with Bio-Pure Drain and Receptor Cleaner. How do you know it's working? You can't really see it.
A: My pipes are draining faster. It's a simple as that. Around here that's unusual.

Q: What would you say to people who ask you about the product?
A: I'd tell them Bio-Pure is the first drain cleaner I've ever used that actually works.

Q: Do you intend to use Bio-Pure on a regular basis from now on?
A: Absolutely!

Based on an interview with, Rick Frank, owner of 'The Butcher & The Baker' in Stratford Ontario.


Heuther Hotel

Aug 30, 2012

Michael Moreau
Bio-Pure Canada,

Hi Mike:
Thought I'd tell you we've put the Bio-Pure Drain & Receptor Treatment you supplied us with to an unusual application. This summer being so hot has been bad for fruit flies in the bar. They congregate around the pouring spouts and catch basin. Our bartender got rid of them by treating the drains that the drip tray runs into with Bio-Pure four times a week at the end of her shift. Good product.

Dave Adlys, Owner, Heuther Hotel Waterloo, ON


Professor Corre of University of Philippines

July 18, 2002

To Whom it May Concern;
I have had the opportunity to do research with and observe the performance of two of your company's products, Aquaculture* and Waste Digester,** in large commercial aquaculture operations. Both of these products performed exceptionally well in a recent 3-year study sponsored by the United Nations Development Project and the Department of Science and Technology (UNDP-DOST Gainex Project), in which I was a principal investigator, to address viable solutions to improve the sustainability of high density shrimp farming operations. In this study, Aquaculture and Waste Digester provided numerous benefits to the shrimp ponds, including reduced bottom solids, phytoplankton stability, and increase in growth, survival, and total production of shrimp.

My current research with these products has shown that they consistently perform well when used as directed, and may even be utilized to control Vibrio and other luminous bacteria.

Valeriano L. Corre, Jr.
Professor, University of the Philippines in the Visayas
College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
5023 Miag-ao, Iloilo, Philippines

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment
** Waste Digester is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Drain & Receptor Cleaner


Bass Pro Shops

January 22, 2001

Dear Sirs,
I am sending this letter in reference to our use of your product Aquaculture.* I would like to state for the record how pleased we have been with this product. The aquaculture has been very successful in maintaining low algae levels in our aquariums. We currently have 5 aquariums, 4 fresh water and 1 salt water, amounting to a total of 120,000 gallons of water to treat. We have found that the aquaculture is both economical and easy to use. I appreciate all the technical assistance I received to start using the product and in the maintenance of our aquariums.

Since the use of the aquaculture our water quality has stabilized. In the past we constantly battled red algae in our saltwater aquarium, however, since the use of aquaculture the algae colony has reduced markably and removal of the algae has become less problematic.

This is the only produce we now use in all our aquariums. I have been highly pleased with this product and the technical support supplied with it.

Debbi Crain
Supervisor for Live Exhibits
Bass Pro Shops

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment



SunDance Tanning Spa

1273 N. Tustin Ave.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 289-9904


April 6, 2010

MT Industries, Inc.
Attn: Kim Carrasco
8909 Freeway Dr. Unit 100
Macedonia OH 44056-1507


Dear Kim:

Just wanted to write you a quick note to say how thankful we are at SunDance Tanning, for your product Bio-Pure Sump Pump Purifier.

As you know we have battled with the odor and smell of our tanning booths at our salon. The build up of sludge that was plaguing our system was a biological cesspool that not only smelled bad but presented possible health problems. We have rinsed, cleaned and used chemicals that offered little relief from our problem.

It is literally a new day thanks to your product Bio-Pure. By simply adding a small amount of Bio-Pure on a weekly basis, the smell is gone and the system even seems to work better when pumping out the rinse water.

Again, thanks for your help and knowledge in treating our system. Please feel free to have anyone who is skeptical call us. Any help I can retrun is my honor.

Warm regards,

Tom Amon
President, SunDance Industries

Watch how to use Bio-Pureby clicking on this YouTube link



Delta Rivers Nature Center

September 18, 2002

Dear Ken:
About 2 months ago I began using the Aquaculture* product as per you instructions. At that time I was having a lot of trouble maintaining clarity on a consistent basis in the 25,000 gallon outdoor aquarium exhibit that I manage here at the Governor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

The outdoor aquariums are fully exposed to sun the entire length of the day and subsequently their algae load is enormous. I have tried many products to enhance the capability of the inadequate filtration system. Often the water looked much like "pea soup". Adding a new ultra violet light to the system made a significant difference, but the filtration system was not capable of removing the bulk of the particulate matter from the system once the summer algae load commenced. The bag filters were fouled daily with heavy "sludge" and the water, though clearer from the U.V., was still very clouded. Patrons often asked if we were pumping in Arkansas River water because they were unable to see the aquariums clearly.

After the initial treatment there was a dramatic clarity the following day. The clarity was not initially consistent until I was able to build the product up in the system over the period of about one month. During that time I added about one cup per week, treating the tanks aggressively. I have been subsequently able to reduce to a maintenance dose of 4 oz., every 2 weeks.

Now, after two months of treatment, I have very clear water, despite facing the hottest and most intense days of summer weather that last year produced terrible visibility due to algae. The particulate matter in the water has been dramatically reduced. The bag filters now stay remarkably clean, even going 2 to three days between changes. It seems to have reduced the algae load on the filtration system significantly and has thereby greatly reduced my workload!

I appreciate all the time and effort you and other staff members gave to help me achieve the water clarity I had been seeking, but not hitherto been able to find!

April Layher
Aquatics Specialist

Pine Bluff Regional Park
P.O. BoxBO74
1400 Black Dog Road
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment


Safari Joe's Zoological Park

To whom it may concern:
I have been raising lions, tigers, cougars, pythons, emus, and other various types and species of exotic wildlife for years. There is always one major problem that is very inherent with raising these types of animals... clean water! The area where our park is located is not spring fed, consequently we use large water tanks as a source for the animals. The big problem is the extreme build-up of algae. It forms in the watering tanks in just three to four days after the animals initially enter into it. It is unappealing as well as unsightly to the general public and myself, and probably isn't safe for the animals. Since I've started using Aquaculture*, the algae problem has completely subsided! Even the organic debris that settles to the bottom of the tank is disappearing completely. I've also had prevalent problems with malodors being produced in cages containing my large, predatory cat species. By treating these cages as well as the smaller mammal and reptile cages with Waste Digester, I have been able to significantly reduce malodors to a nonexistent stage. This product enables us to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for these and other exotic species of wildlife.

In all the years I've been involved in raising exotic species of wildlife, I have never heard of nor seen any all-natural biological products like these before. I highly recommend Aquaculture and Waste Digester to anyone that needs an all-natural, environmentally friendly and entirely safe biological product to combat algae, bottom solids, and wild animal malodors.

Joe Estes
Owner & Operator
Safari Joe's Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment


Central Texas Horse Farm

February 2003

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to write and tell you about the success I've had with your product Aquaculture* product. I own a horse farm in central Texas and have numerous water troughs for the horses. With the mild climate in this area, there is a considerable problem with algae forming and also sediment on the bottom of the tanks from dropped feed. Some of these troughs are made of metal, but nearly half are made of concrete set deep in the ground making cleaning very difficult. I started using Aquaculture and the tanks cleared up in a few days! I am really glad I found this product. It saves enormously in time and labor, as the tanks do not have to be drained and bleached weekly. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your product!
Thank you,

Joan Cole, Owner
JC Quarter Horses

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment


Koi & Pond Products Company

We are a retail Koi and Pond Products Company in middle America. We have been in business for eleven years and have been keeping Koi for over thirty years.

Over the years we have tried many different products in an attempt to achieve water quality, and we were very disappointed with most of the results. In 1998 we learned about your Aquaculture* product. I had two primary concerns: that their product did not contain any pathogenic bacteria, and that it had a decent shelf life.

We are most pleased with the results. Water quality improved tremendously, no ammonia, nitrites, or nitrate spikes. It adds a polish to the water making it appear almost pristine. Everyone who sees our pond marvels about the water. Once we were satisfied, we began selling it to our customers. All our serious Koi keepers use it. All the ponds on the local Koi and water garden society’s pond tour that use Aquaculture get wonderful comments about their water quality.

We have no reservations in recommending it to anyone. Everyone who buys a filter from us gets a start up Aquaculture pack. We want our customers to start their ponds with the best product on the market. We are thankful for this product because it allows us to achieve optimum water quality.

Koi & Fish Supply Company

* Aquaculture is sold in Canada under the brand name Bio Pure Pond & Aquarium Treatment

In addition to being more effective Bio-Pure is completely safe for the environment
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